Industrial Design

November 9, 2014 – Jewellery Charms and Necklaces
These are 7 charms and necklaces I made from shells, missing earring pieces, belt decorations and little jewels that I wrapped up together with wire

leaves on shell

blue cross with jewel

coin necklacerainbow teardrop

red theme

trapazoid with hoop


Pink shell















September 30, 2012 – Industrial Design Project: 3 Section Blue BackpackĀ 

This backpack was born out of necessity. I was commuting a lot using transit, having to bring a lot of things with me during the day such as workout gear, shower stuff, books, computer, lunch box, purse, coat, boots and rain-pants. I bought an empty Helly Hansen bag because it was large enough, and very water resistant. It came with backpack straps and I added a hip strap from another old mountain backpack. I used PVC pipes (with special PVC primer and glue) and caps for the skeleton “rib cage” and I cut out bottoms and tops of industrial trash cans for shape-support on the sides (top/bottom of the backpack). I did the research on materials at Home Depot, had some help bending PVC with my own new blowtorches for the dividers and took it to a bag repair shop for the sewing. I added a power strip to the inside of the bag, so I could plug the bag in and all of my electronics inside would charge (without me having to unpack everything).

2004-2008 – High School Industrial Design Projects
These were some of my design projects from high school and Jr.High. They include cardboard clothing, jewelry and a belt buckle. I put these presentation pages together in 2008 for a previous portfolio.