December 5, 2014-“Excitement”

November 2014

“Cirque Du Soleil”
Cirque du Soliel abstract painting

Serenity abstract painting

tribal abstract painting



2009-2014 – Invention Sketches – All Original


2009-2014 – Thought Process Sketches – All Original



June 2013 – Impressionistic Mountains
I created this piece while enjoying a lazy summer day on my deck in Surrey, BC, Canada across from the Fraser River. I set up a table outside, put on some sunscreen, got a large glass of water and pulled out the watercolour markers and coloured chalk. My goal was to represent the mountain and water from BC, almost fictional-like as if it was from a dream.
impressionistic mountains_tink_newman


January 2013 – Manufactured Kachina
My Dad gave me slices of window profiles from his manufacturing plant in a plastic bag. Finally I decided to make them into a multimedia piece. When I discovered they didn’t stick to paper with regular glue, the impatient side of myself decide to creatively use alumininum tape instead. I dropped the profiles from a distance above the paper and let them fall the way nature intended. I left them they way they fell with minimal rearrangement. I then proceeded to let my imagination run wild with different patterns and colours in chalk pastel. While I was creating it, I was thinking about the contrast of nature and machine in an abstract expression.
Manufactured Kachina_tink_newman


2012 – Still Life Drawing (Pencil)

Coffee mug, iPod case, headphones, leather phone carrier
Still Life


2012 – Feet drawing (Pencil)

2012-10-22 16.01.58


2008 – Design-Principles-Book – DHM 1003 Course at Oklahoma State University
Hand created with paint, magazines and texture items.


2008 – Painting of Mom – Acrylics

Painting of Mom


2008 – Toronto Sunset – Watercolour Markers

Toronto Sunset


2005 – Hope Butterfly (Acrylic & Watercolour)

hope butterfly


2004 – Ryker Drawing (Pencil) – 1.5 hrs to complete

Ryker Drawing_Oct.31.2004_1.5hrs