My name is Christine Newman and I live in Alberta, Canada. My passion is to optimize businesses, create beautiful design and living spaces. I like to represent projects or companies who have an amazing product to sell. I like to live in peace and harmony, enjoying many types of relaxing and thought provoking music. I enjoy exploring new beautiful places, cultures, languages, music and foods. My mindset regarding new businesses is: research is everything, hard working trustworthy people are very important and you can’t get far unless you have sustainable funding for your business. Engage in a business where you can get the main business done yourself and not rely on someone else. Support teams are for support. I believe startups are successful when founders have the knowledge of the primary industry at hand. I am a very organized person, with a lot of drive, creativity and determination to succeed. I’ve studied architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, interactive design and fine art. Good, clean, beautiful design makes the world a more successful, beautiful and happier place to be in. I’m glad to be a part of it.

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